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We grow your leaders,
to grow your business.

Welcome to a new era of leadership, a space where leadership development meets behavioural insight meets team performance.

Designed for modern organisations looking for customised leadership platform that drives tangible business results.

Most employees are only productive for 3 hours per day.

Leading today is more complex than ever. You have to consider AI integration, multi-generational teams, disengaged remote employees, all contributing to a workforce who are, on average, productive for less than three hours per day.

So how do you get the other five hours back?

Companies spend 60 billion to lose nearly 9 trillion per year fighting the workplace efficiency issue, so money isn't the answer. The answer is innovative evidence-based leadership strategies built on modifying behaviour.

Eliminate generic cookie-cutter leadership development solutions that cost you money to do essentially nothing. Trade theoretical solutions for ones proven in the real world.

We start with the source - leader and team behaviour itself - so issues are always solved at the root cause.

With Perform get practical leadership and management tools tailored to your team's dynamics and use them to increase productivity, and maintain it.

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Trusted by high performing  organisations.


Perform learns what makes your leaders and teams tick.

The Perform Platform helps decode your organisation by understanding behaviour and directing it for optimal impact. Perform learns what makes your leaders and teams tick, powered by unique behavioural technology, to provide custom leadership insight around exactly how to lead each team in your business for maximum productivity and performance.

Management Support For Every Part Of The Employee Lifecycle - Perform provides unique resources and guidence for leaders and managers across everything from Recruitment & Onboarding to Engagement & Motivation to Development & Progression, making sure that performance is enabled at every level.

Leadership Development That Actually Delivers Results: Perform combines proven behavioural profiling techniques with innovative training and one-to-one support to create uniquely powerful initiatives. Instead of theory based training, the Perform platform tells leaders the exact behavioural drivers of their team, and then how to lead and manage them accordingly.

Real World Coaching & Results: In addition to on-demand learning, leaders have the opportunity to access ongoing coaching on real world scenarios in their teams, to really put into practice their learning and drive tangible results.

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Explore how Perform can create results for you.


Discover what makes your leaders tick. Uncover strengths, unknown blindspots and untapped potential. Refine management style and amplify impact.


Take individual leadership insight and enhance it by fully understanding team dynamics. Elevate team output with on-demand training and practical toolkits.


Take the insight of the Essential package further than leadership insight and add custom behavioural and performance training for your entire team,  boosting collective success.


When performance breakthroughs are critical to your mission, and need change to happen at every level. Elevate company-wide performance with Essential+ tools, dedicated behavioural leadership consultants, comprehensive profiling and a customised rollout plan.


Duo Global Consulting, founded in 2014, is the business behind the Perform brand.

Having been running for over 10 years, and with over 50 years combined consulting experience, we have tried and tested different approaches and training initiatives to support our clients with creating leadership development that not only drives lasting change but that delivers measurable performance increases and business impact.

We know that to do this, driving change at a behavioural level is essential. The mix of people in every business is different, and there is no one size fits all solution. Therefore, for leaders to have real impact and drive up performance, they must understand the unique behavioural motivations and drivers of their team, and then manage accordingly.

Outside of the Perform platform, our team continues to provide bespoke consulting services and training to leading organisations worldwide, enabling us to ensure Perform is always up to date with the latest, and most effective, leadership insights in an ever changing work environment.

We continue to grow our knowledge so we can grow your leaders to ultimately grow your business.

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Driving Change

Profiles Taken & Leadership Training Delivered:


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Years Transforming Leaders & Creating Lasting Change:


“Duo have been fantastic in their ability to integrate with and influence improved behaviours within our business. Management at all levels are extremely responsive to the learnings, all helped by the fact that how we work with Duo is completely bespoke and focused on our biggest challenges.”

Rob Smith
William Smith


Stay informed with the latest insights.

One of our favourite things to do is share our passion for behavioural leadership. Our insights share our latest research, articles, podcasts and conversations about behavioural leadership and team performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about the Perform Platform and its' benefits.

How is Perform different to other leadership development solutions?

Most traditional leadership development solutions focus on transfer of knowledge via a theoretical toolkit of core leadership topics. The challenges with this are three-fold. First, they are one size fits all, despite the huge variations between leaders. Second, they tend to be reflective versus real world - they focus on theory that often doesn’t translate into complex modern workplace challenges. Third, and most importantly, they lack behavioural change. Quite simply - to increase performance requires behavioural change. If your leaders don’t know how to drive behavioural change, they will struggle to change and increase performance. Perform focuses first on supporting leaders to understand, and influence behavioural change, provides individual leadership development to each leaders bespoke style and team make-up and then gives opportunities for ongoing coaching around live real-world scenarios.

How is Perform different to other profiling tools?

The first big distinction is that Perform is based on behaviour and not personality which makes it much more flexible in modern workplaces. Behaviour is able to be changed, while personality is not - therefore many of the big names in the market utilising personality profiling whilst interesting, can’t make performance gains in the way that behavioural change can. Secondly, we have built a full learning experience that takes the insight from profiling and teaches leaders and managers how to implement it in their day-to-day work. Other tools provide base level training but not in-depth programs or ongoing learning communities and real life coaching.

What support and training options are available for users of Perform?

We offer comprehensive support and training options for users of Perform, including onboarding sessions, personalised coaching, and ongoing technical assistance. Additionally, Perform provides access to a knowledge base, user guides, and online resources to help users maximise their experience and achieve their goals.

How does Perform improve workplace productivity and performance?

Perform employs behavioural analysis and data-driven insights to identify key productivity drivers, optimise team dynamics and address factors hindering performance. By understanding individual behaviours and team interactions, Perform provides actionable recommendations that when implemented by leaders, have created proven productivity and performance gains.

What types of businesses is Perform best suited for?

Typical customers of ours are organisations are larger SMEs who are scaling, or corporate challenger brands, and who are engaged in creating a high-performing culture usually seeking accreditations through routes such as Best Places to Work, Investors in People or B-Corp.

How can Perform help in talent acquisition and retention?

Perform supports talent acquisition and retention efforts by providing insights into employee strengths, preferences, and areas for development. By understanding individual motivations and career aspirations, in addition to specific profiling tools for recruitment, Perform helps organisations attract top talent, foster professional growth, and create a culture of engagement and loyalty.

How does Perform support us in striving for Best Places to Work, Investors in People or B-Corp?

All of these accolades and accreditations have workplace culture front and centre. They assess things like leadership effectiveness, employee engagement and motivation, cultural drivers, performance and productivity - all of which Perform is designed to support with. Within an Enterprise license, you not only get access to all of the tools, which in themselves support leaders in achieving all of the above, but support from a dedicated behavioural leadership coach who can work with you specifically on those aims. All of our coaches have experience building companies that rank in Best Places to Work, or are Investors in People or B-Corp, so know intimately what it takes to get there.

Optimise leadership impact today.

Unlock the power of self-aware leadership with the Perform Profile, then implement it with optimal results across 18 key behaviours.  

Get reliable results - We make sure your leadership insights don't go to waste by guiding your leaders and team members every step of the way for optimal implementation.

Improve engagement - See your team's engagement improve across the board, not just on specific initaitives.

Increase profit - All of Perform's efforts combined will result in an significant raise in your organisations bottom line.

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A man and a woman sitting at a table.
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