Build high performing teams.

Equip leaders with the insight to know exactly how to manage each and every team member for maximum impact, supported by live "in-the-moment" coaching to really help them elevate to their full leadership potential.

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WhAT Will Perform give me?

Know what makes your team tick.

Understand what drives your team, implement new strategies for increased success, and maintain it over the long-term.

Comprehensive Insight: Perform explores deep into team dynamics, offering leaders unique insight into the behavioural make-up of their team. By understanding individual behaviours and how they interact, leaders gain a comprehensive view of their team dynamics.

Actionable Implementation: Armed with this insight, leaders can deploy targeted changes for improved results. Perform provides tailored recommendations to address specific team challenges, empowering leaders to make effective changes that drive performance and engagement.

Long-Term Sustainability: Perform will help your team discover their untapped potential, then use this insight to help your business grow. With ongoing support, resources, and coaching, leaders can guarantee that positive changes are integrated into their team culture.

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Driving Change
Driving Change
Driving Change

What's included?

Our Essential plan lets leaders gain awareness, while Essential+ lets leaders spread that awareness to their entire team.

Essential Plan: Access Perform profiling for the entire team and receive a tailored Perform Management Profile, highlighting behavioural strengths and blindspots of the whole team, along with actionable coaching recommendations. Then, when you’re ready to give access to learning for your entire team, you can upgrade to Essential+.

Essential+ Plan: Get individual Perform Profiles and online performance training for each of your team members, plus all that is included in the Essential plan. Then build on what you’re able to accomplish with our 18-dimension profile evaluations with our Perform Circle coaching and development service for 12 months.  

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Team Perform Profile & 
Learning Experience

Within both plans, we provide insight into your team's makeup across three points: leadership profiles for each leader, a detailed team analysis with insight into the core management needs of your team, plus support and ongoing learning opportunities for reinforcement.

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Individual Profiles & Personal Performance Training

Within the Essential+ Plan, leaders get access to everything in the Essential Plan, plus the ability to give individual team members access to their own learning around their strengths & blindspots via their own profiles, then enable them to develop and implement self improvement with personalised training.

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12 Months Access To The Perform Circle

Keeping the learning going, Perform Circle subscriptions come with both plans. Backing up foundational learning with monthly live training sessions, downloadable resources and on-demand courses, plus book & podcast recommendations and direct coaching on live leadership issues from our behavioural leadership consultants.


The Learning Experience

Explore the learning experiences behind our two signature leadership & team plans.

Stage 1 – Discovery

Unveiling Your Team Dynamics

Team and leader complete the 15 minute, and receive two crucial reports: your Leadership DNA Profile and Team Management Profile. Gain insights into 18 distinct workplace behaviours, providing actionable guidance around a whole host of leadership scenarios including delegation, motivation and change management.

Stage 2 – Unlock

Learning & Impact

Access tailored online learning that explores the impact of 18 core behaviours on leadership style and team dynamics. Learn to leverage these insights for enhanced team performance. In the Essential+ plan, extend learning to your team, providing personalised Perform Profiles and individual performance training.

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Stage 3 – Optimise

Ongoing Coaching & Training

Opt for the Essential+ Plan for 12 months of continuous coaching and training via the Perform Circle. Seamlessly integrate bite-sized learning modules into your routine, and have Q&A access to our team of behavioural leadership coaches, for timely support in overcoming leadership challenges.

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Perform CIRCLE walkthrough

A space for continued learning and growth.

The Perform Circle is a unique online learning & development space for leaders to access a wide range of learning experiences to continually develop their leadership skills. From monthly training and coaching calls, on-demand learning modules, leadership toolkits and management resources, and behavioural leadership woven through every aspect, leaders have access to all the tools they need to lead a high performing team.

Couple this with a place to network and learn from other leaders in other businesses, and a Q&A live coaching area where leaders can ask in-the-moment questions that are answered by our experienced behavioural leadership consultants, it is a leadership development experience like no other.


Elevate your team's performance today.

Discover which of our two Perform team plans is right for you.
Still not sure? Book a demo and we will walk you through all of our plans.

Essential Plan

Facilitates leadership self reflection via the Leadership DNA Perform Profile and gives instant clarity into the behavioural needs of each team through the Team Management Profile. Includes foundational leadership training to support the implementation of the reporting insight.

Designed for leaders who are looking to build a base level understanding around their own behaviours as a leader, and the behavioural needs of their team, then learn how to better manage their team accordingly.

  • Individual Leadership DNA Profile
  • Team Management Profile
  • Foundational Behavioural Leadership Training Program
  • Monthly coaching call and weekly behavioural tips & tricks via Perform Circle

Essential+ Plan

Delivers everything the Essential Plan, plus provides an Individual Perform Profile and training to all team members, in addition to an all areas 12 months pass to the Perform Circle learning & development space.

Designed for leaders who are looking to build a deeper understanding of themselves and their team, provide access to training for their whole team, and receive continued leadership development and coaching.

  • Individual Leadership DNA Profile
  • Team Management Profile
  • Foundational Behavioural Leadership Training Program
  • Individual Profiles & Online Training Program for All Team Members
  • 12 Month All Area Access to the Perform Circle Learning Platform with Training Library & Monthly Coaching Calls


High performing teams require conscious leadership.

According to CMI, over a third of leaders and managers have never received any form of leadership or management training. Whats more, of those that do undertake formal training, it often lacks many of the tools that enable conscious leaders.

Conscious leaders are both self-aware and attuned to the people they lead. They are also more flexible and adaptable to the change and pace of modern workplaces and ever increasing demands.

To be a conscious leader understanding of behaviour is non-negotiable, that's why both our Essential and Essential+ Plans are centred around behavioural leadership.

Motivated Team Members

When leaders understand the behavioural motivations of their team, they can consciously drive them. According to studies by Gallup, motivated employees have a 41% reduction in absenteeism and a 17% rise in productivity and performance.

An Easier Way To Manage

Leading and managing a team is hard. Most leaders are doing it alongside a technical role. Add in a bigger team and more variation in needs and styles and it becomes even more difficult. The Perform Team Profile gives leaders an at-a-glance overview of how to manage their team for maximum results.

Better Team Dynamics

Teams that understand each other's behavioural strengths and blindspots not only perform better, but also have less drama and increased levels of collaboration. In the Essential+ Plan, leaders are coached through how to not only share individual Perform Profiles with their whole team, but also how to collectively utilise this information to create better team dynamics and higher performance.

Faster Integration of Change

When leaders are more conscious of both their own approach and that of their teams approach to specific contexts, including change, leading teams through these situations becomes a lot easier. Integrating change across a team and wider business has been repeatedly named as one of the top challenges by leaders worldwide. The Perform Profile has specific behaviours around change and provides leaders with complete clarity around how to best manage and integrate change with their team's behavioural needs.

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“The work undertaken by Duo has given us an extremely valuable insight into the behaviours and drivers within our team. This will help improve communication, our working environment and ultimately drive up performance.”

Mike Potts

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about the Perform Essential and Essential+ plans and their benefits.

How can my team get started, and what support is available?

Getting started with Essentials or Essentials+ is simple! Just click "Buy Now" under the selected plan and navigate through the specific plan options. Once you have subscribed, add your team members to the platform and start accessing the profiling and learning. These plans are fully automated and self-guided so you can access your solutions as soon as you purchase, our dedicated support team is available to provide assistance and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Are the Perform plans suitable for teams of all sizes and compositions?

Yes, Perform is highly adaptable and suitable for teams of all sizes and compositions. We have three team size options when you purchase - up to 10 team members, 11-20 team members, or 21-30 team members. These are outlined on the purchase page. For each team you get one leader profile. If you have a larger team size, please contact us and we can provide bespoke pricing.

Can Perform help my team improve performance?

Perform is specifically designed to help leaders and teams improve their productivity and performance. By providing insights into team dynamics, communication styles, and collaboration patterns, Perform enables leaders and teams to identify areas for enhancement and implement strategies to increase performance and achieve their goals more efficiently.

What is the main difference between Essential and Essential+ plans?

The primary difference when upgrading to Essential+ is access to training and profiling for all team members, and access to all areas of the Perform Circle platform for ongoing learning. Essential is a good foundation for leaders looking to just learn more about their own leadership style and the behavioural make-up of their team, where the Essential+ plan provides leaders with ongoing leadership development and team training.

What stage of leadership is best suited to these plans?

The Essential and Essential+ plans are effective for new managers and seasoned leaders alike. For those who are new to management the insight will set you up for success from the outset. For more seasoned leaders with established management toolkits, the leadership self reflection and team behavioural insight will take your skills to a whole new level.

Optimise leadership impact today.

Unlock the power of self-aware leadership with the Perform Profile, then implement it with optimal results across 18 key behaviours.  

Get reliable results - We make sure your leadership insights don't go to waste by guiding your leaders and team members every step of the way for optimal implementation.

Improve engagement - See your team's engagement improve across the board, not just on specific initaitives.

Increase profit - All of Perform's efforts combined will result in an significant raise in your organisations bottom line.

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