Build high performance company-wide.

Elevate team performance company-wide with personalised profiles, expert coaching and access to a wealth of leadership and high performance resources from a team that know what it takes to build best places to work.

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Who is it for & What DO YOU GET?

Empower every team to level-up for combined success.

Comprehensive Leadership Development: Equip every leader and manager with self-awareness practices, team performance tools and personalised coaching.

Performance Tools for All Levels: Access a suite of tools including team performance training, Perform Profiling for recruitment, and behavioural trend analysis to easily spot areas to increase performance potential across the business.

Expert Guidance and Implementation Plan: Through a dedicated behavioural leadership coach, receive personalised support to ensure company wide adoption and ongoing leadership coaching.

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Driving Change
Driving Change
Driving Change


Everything organisations receive...

Leadership DNA Profiles

Every leader gets their own profile, revealing strengths and blindspots.

Team Management Perform Profile

Each leader gets their own bespoke team report with exact management recommendations for their team.

Individual Profiles & Learning Plans

Team members receive personalised profiles and learning plans.

Access to the Perform Circle

Online platform for continuous learning and development.

Live Coaching

Leaders receive personalised coaching from behavioural leadership experts.

Tools for HR, L&D and Recruitment

Includes recruitment profiling that predicts candidate success before hiring, and company strategic insights.


Find problems, launch solutions, repeat.

An outline of what you can expect when you work with us on an Enterprise License.

Stage 1 – Discovery

Uncovering Potential

Senior stakeholders lead a comprehensive behavioural analysis across a 20-minute, 72-question survey.

This data is analysed and each individual's data creates a holistic image of your organisation's strengths and weaknesses. Core challenges and goals are uncovered in a discovery session and combined with your behavioural data outlines your areas for real performance potential.

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Stage 2 – Unlock

Taking Action

Our experts create a 12-month high-performance plan from the insights gathered during Stage One.

Senior leaders, L&D pros and HR partners implement the performance improvement changes, with or without our help as you see fit, from guidance in our detailed action plan. We will support you in driving results even when you don't require direct support.

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Stage 3 – Optimise

Creating High Performance

As organisations and key stakeholders work through their high performance plan, our team is here to support every step of the way.

Unlike many of our competitors, in both the leadership development and profiling space, we know that whilst our platform delivers amazing results, human support plays a huge part in getting maximum results.

All Enterprise licence holders have access to quarterly check-in meetings, unlimited anytime Q&A and personalised guidance from our team, so you can get maximum impact.

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High performance, at scale.


Enhancing Leadership Development at O Communications

Empowering Leadership Excellence through Strategic Partnerships and Insightful Solutions.

Creating A Management Program at DRS

Empowering Leadership Excellence through Strategic Partnerships and Insightful Solutions.


Unlock Your Potential with Individual Mapping

Individual Map empowers you to identify personal gains, improve communication, enhance job satisfaction, and boost personal productivity. Gain valuable insights into your own behavior and unlock your full potential.

Personal Gains

Discover the personal benefits of understanding your own behavior. Gain insights that can lead to personal growth, improved relationships, and increased self-awareness.

Better Communication

Learn how your behavior impacts your communication style and discover strategies for effective communication in all areas of your life.

Enhanced Job Satisfaction

Uncover the factors that contribute to your job satisfaction and discover how to align your work with your values and strengths.

Personal Productivity

Optimize your personal productivity by understanding your behavior patterns and learning how to leverage your strengths and manage your weaknesses.

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Explore the Perform team plan that most meets your needs.

Discover which of our two team plans is right for you.

Essential Plan

Facilitates leadership self reflection via the Perform Behavioural Profile and gives instant clarity into the behavioural needs of each team through the Team Profile. Includes foundational training on each.  

Designed for leaders who are looking for to build a base level understanding around their own behaviours as a leader, and the behavioural needs of their team, then learn how to better manage their team accordingly.

Essential+ Plan

Delivers everything the Essential Plan, plus gives a Perform Behavioural Profile and personal performance learning access to all team members and 12 month access to the Perform Circle learning & development space.

Designed for leaders who are looking to build a deeper understanding of themselves and their team, provide access to training for their whole team, and receive continued leadership development and coaching.

For Enterprise

Gives you a birds eye view of the entire organisation.

Unique behavioral makeup

Personalized insights and recommendations

Uncover your strengths and areas for growth

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about the Perform platform and its benefits.

How can my organisation get started with a Perform Enterprise license, and what support is available?

Getting started with a Perform Enterprise license is straightforward! Simply either book a demo via the button in the top right, or fill out our contact form and one of our team will be in touch within 24 hours. Sign up is quick and easy and can be done the same day as our initial conversation if time is of the essence. Once purchased, our team will guide you through the process of onboarding your organisation to Perform and provide ongoing support and assistance to ensure a seamless implementation and adoption process.

What does an Enterprise license cost?

An Enterprise license starts from £750 per leader per year. There are discounts for larger organisations purchasing larger amounts but as a general rule if you times the amount of leaders and managers you have by £750 you will be able to calculate an average Enterprise License price.

How does Perform support us in striving for Best Places to Work, Investors in People or B-Corp?

All of these accolades and accreditations have workplace culture front and centre. They assess things like leadership effectiveness, employee engagement and motivation, cultural drivers, performance and productivity - all of which Perform is designed to support with. Within an Enterprise license, you not only get access to all of the tools, which in themselves support leaders in achieving all of the above, but support from a dedicated behavioural leadership coach who can work with you specifically on those aims. All of our coaches have experience building companies that rank in Best Places to Work, or are Investors in People or B-Corp, so know intimately what it takes to get there.

Can we self-implement Perform, or do we have to purchase additional consultancy?

The Perform Enterprise license is designed to be completely tailored to an organisations needs and resource levels. For businesses with established L&D, HR and People functions, you can absolutely self implement with minimal additional support from us. Through your dedicated behavioural leadership coach, we we will equip you with everything you need to maximise the impact of your Perform license. For those organisations with less in-house resource, we have delivery partners who can provide more of a 'done-for-you' service with higher levels of support.

What is the benefit of the Enterprise license over the Essential packages?

An Enterprise license enables organisations to provide Essential+ packages to all leaders and managers - ensuring not only behavioural leadership development is integrated, but enabling all team members to also access profiling and online training. In addition to this, the Enterprise license gives organisations and senior stakeholders with tools only available on this level of license. This includes recruitment profiling tools that benchmark and replicate high performance profiles for new hires, full company profiling to see at a glance where opportunities are for increased performance, in addition to access to our behavioural leadership coaches whenever you need them.  

Optimise leadership impact today.

Unlock the power of self-aware leadership with the Perform Profile, then implement it with optimal results across 18 key behaviours.  

Get reliable results - We make sure your leadership insights don't go to waste by guiding your leaders and team members every step of the way for optimal implementation.

Improve engagement - See your team's engagement improve across the board, not just on specific initaitives.

Increase profit - All of Perform's efforts combined will result in an significant raise in your organisations bottom line.

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A group of people standing around a table with a laptop.
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A man and a woman sitting at a table.
A group of people standing around a table with a laptop.
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A couple of men sitting on top of a blue couch.
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